“I’m very proud of the courage and bravery that I had to muster to go in and create music that is completely different than anything I’ve ever done, but still authentically who I am, especially in this new season,” Tedashii says with optimism as he describes his latest EP This Time Around. It’s the kind of optimism that is born from overcoming incredible tragedy. If Emerson is correct that “fractures well cured make us more strong,” Tedashii is indeed finding his strength. It has been well documented that in 2013, Tedashii suddenly lost his one-year-old son. After he passed away, Tedashii’s world came to an abrupt stop. Recording, touring and performing were replaced with mourning, anger and eventually counseling.

Along the way, Tedashii relied on his faith but found strength and healing again when he returned to writing and recording. What followed was his fifth studio album Below Paradise, an album so painful and personal yet filled with hope. So when Tedashii speaks with a sanguine tone about life and creativity, he indeed understands that life does unfold in seasons.

“I can’t pretend like I’m better and fine. I’m not. I’m getting better and things are going to be fine,” Tedashii says. “But, I make music for where I am now.” Indeed his new EP, This Time Around, can be summed up in one word: Growth.

The first single, “Be Me” is a boisterous and sonically anthemic record that music fans can blast aloud in celebration of boldly being who you are supposed to be. The second single, “Jumped Out The Whip,” is a left coast party that will literally transport you to Pico and La Brea. And the current single titled, “808,” is a hip-hop slow jam. Scoring points with the wife, Tedashii says, “it’s a love song for my bride, but for any woman a guy wants to share that sentiment with…” A part of the journey to Tedashii’s growth as an artist was collaborating with music producer GAWVI, one of the most prolific music producers of now who’s worked with everyone from Pharrell and Rodney Jerkins to Trip Lee and Lecrae. Tedashii worked with several producers on this EP, but he found a special connection with GAWVI.